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hey, that's me...

my name is Carola, hence the branding ByCarola . I am the face behind the small handmade business and with this passion I want to share my love for nature and creativity with you. It all started subconsciously on my 18 month journey around the world. Actually, I wanted to continue in the field of biomedicine after the trip. But I realized that the urge and the desire were too great to awaken my curious and fun-loving artist in me. I knew that I had achieved so much with my hands that I firmly believed that I could turn my passion into a vocation. The beauty of life, people and nature always inspires me so much that I want to take full advantage of this gift. I don't want this life anymore where a passion and love for life is neglected. So I decided to follow my heart and be brave. I've realized that I'm happiest when I'm creating something on my own. When a pure thought becomes something physical. That's why you'll find different creations of mine here :) Welcome to my colorful journey! <3


Why raw crystals?
Because this makes the stones unique and special with all its details, edges and play of colors. Just like you and I ... Raw stones have a more intensive meaning because they went less through the hands of other people and have suffered less trauma than the "perfect" sanded stones. They reflect the raw nature. In addition, the production of grinded stones requires a complex process of grinding, polishing and shaping that consumes energy and resources. By avoiding this step and the choice of raw stones, we support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to dealing with gemstones. On my travels, whether in my own country or in the distance, I am always inspired in the latest way. I come across such beautiful stones. Here You will find real individual pieces that I have handpicked by me. Each with a very special note ...

Minimalist and durable
My jewelry creations are mainly minimalist creations. And why? The simplest things are those who have the longest joy. Filigree and simple jewelry gives an outfit a touch of detail. The sight is not tired of the sight and can carry it for any occasion. For a long shelf life of the gold / silver, I also offer gold-filled "gold-filled" or real sterling silver. In contrast to a gold -plated chain, the basic material with a thicker layer of real gold is covered with gold -filled jewelry. While pure real gold goes hand in hand with very high prices, I would like to make my creations accessible to everyone with gold -filled jewelry. I want you to enjoy your jewelry for a long time! *As an additional affordable alternative, there are a few pieces that are gilded (shorter shelf life). You can find the corresponding information under each product description.

Thank you for being here! :)