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Handpicked & handmade

Feel the deep connection to nature

What does the splendor of the stars mean, the elegance of the crystals, the vastness of the seas and the variety of vegetation for us if we do not integrate them into our everyday life? On this journey of discovery, we present you the works made with attention to detail from an independent artist. They invite you to rediscover the beauty of your direct environment and connect you to your inner magic. We hope that these unique creations inspire you to get closer to your true self.

Exclusive individual pieces

Handmade trailers from unique and powerful raw crystals that I encounter on my travels. Each crystal tells its own story.

Inspired By


Art collection

It all started with a trip around the world and a love of painting. Inspired by the exciting life, the unique nature and the wonderful people, not only a work of art was created, but now a whole art collection, which I offer as prints worldwide. My art prints are a wonderful way to add a personal and magical touch to your living space and add meaning to your everyday life. Each print is carefully crafted from high quality materials so you can enjoy these works for years to come.


Desktop design

My self-designed desktop themes will help you to organize your files on your desktop and work on your laptop with less stress. The matching folder themes will make your desktop look aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. Easy to implement with the help of detailed PDF instructions. Download directly, simply insert and done.



Get to know the artist and her work

The beginning of Bycarola started with a trip around the world in 2017. Between all the different phases of life, a curious and bright artist finally slumbered in her. Now she is sitting there, after her training as a nurse and biomedicine studies, and has a small handmade business with creations and designs with which she wants to make her heart and that of people out there all over the wide world. In addition, thanks to this option, she would like to make a larger contribution to the environment. What will this adventure bring? I guess you will never experience that from her. : ')

Why by Carola


A sustainable consumption of materials through to sustainable packaging.


Reliable customer service for questions, requests and suggestions.


Worldwide shipping + tracking. So far I have been able to send it to over 20 countries.

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